Just another web developer in Bolzano

Hi, my name is Riccardo Di Curti. I’m a web programmer in Bolzano, South Tyrol. I work as a freelancer and develop websites, ecommerce, apps and custom programming.

To tell you the truth, I wish I would be more precise and tell you that my entire professional universe is between the qualifications fullstack engineer and wordpress specialist. But studying the queries I found out that the qualification of “web programmer in Bolzano” was the most common, so I used it to introduce myself.

Regardless of qualification, the services I offer my clients are a true reflection of the way I have developed my career. I started out creating websites as a freelance web programmer, moved through the world of communications agencies and through experience in a multinational corporation I got into the all-around coding business. Along the way I learned how to manage as best as possible time and deadlines and how to get the best out of teamwork for my colleagues and me.

In my daily work I write in PHP, JavaScript and Python. Completing the toolbox I use every day is knowledge of frontend (jQuery, Vanilla JS, React, Vue JS, GSAP), backend (Laravel) and CMS (WordPress, Shopware, PrestaShop) technologies.

Where did I learn to be a web programmer in Bolzano?

I took my first steps as a freelancer managing projects completely independently and maturing the ability to complete my work with punctuality and accuracy. I worked for small local businesses and thus I was able to understand their needs creating solutions that would fit their requests.

This experience led me to join Genetics Group (now EOC). Although I entered as a junior, I had the responsibility for all web development operations from day one. Working in a multidisciplinary team, I learned to look at the process of creating a website as a vertical activity. A part of a larger process of creating a brand identity, involving different activities and professionalism.

Then I moved to Würth Italia team as a frontend developer, aggregated with a team of forty digital professionals with vertical skills in Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Procurement and development. It was a different work environment that allowed me to come in contact with different professions and broadening my horizons. Today I work as a senior Fullstack Engineer in MotorK. I am part of a widespread team of about 12 people. Within I am in charge of developing, starting from custom layouts provided by the design team, websites for the automotive retail sector. To do this I write code as both the backend and frontend level as well as deal with bug fixing.

The most recent online courses I have taken:

How has being part of the WordPress community made me grow as a freelance programmer?

It is not only because of its performance and technologies that WordPress has become the CMS of choice in my career as a freelance programmer. A vibrant community of professionals is active around this software, which I approached very early in my career, starting to attend the main Italian and European WordCamps. The atmosphere I breathed at these events and the value of the things I learned by attending them gave me the conviction I needed to start a Meetup in my city. An experience that today has led me to become an organizer in the wider Italian community of this incredible content management system.